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Welcome to Caravan of Knowledge
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The education sector in Kazakhstan faces many challenges and, in addition, must adapt to modern international standards. One such standard is the STEAM education model (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), which prepares schoolchildren and students for the realities of the working market, where technical skills, flexible thinking, and creativity are required.
At the conference you will learn
What is STEAM education and how things stand with it in Kazakhstan
What opportunities does STEAM provide for educational institutions, government, business, and ordinary citizens
How to create the necessary conditions for the development of STEAM education

Conference "Education in Kazakhstan: National STEAM Model" will be useful
Education departments
Representatives of regional, city and, district education departments.
School principals, school administrators, and teachers.
Representatives of business structures of the educational market.
Future teachers
Students of pedagogical and technical specialties, parents and schoolchildren.
For parents
Parents who wish to provide their children with an opportunity to receive an up-to-date education.
Industry experts
For people specializing in STEM education, this event will also be useful.
January 15, 2021
10.00 - 11.00 AM
Installation panel session
  • State policy in the field of STEAM: achievements and challenges
  • National model and strategy for the development of STEAM education in Kazakhstan
  • STEAM in the digital agenda and the economy of the future of Kazakhstan
11.10 - 12.20 AM
STEAM Research: Research Results
  • STEAM education in Kazakhstan: current state and prospects
  • World practice of STEAM implementation: cases, results, difficulties
12.30 - 13.50 PM
Pedagogical Practices in STEAM: Domestic Cases
  • TANYM project and STEAM certification

14.00 - 16.00 PM
Strategic session: Developing a national STEAM model
  • Foreign practices of STEAM implementation - the experience of Thailand, the USA, and Finland
  • Development of a roadmap for STEAM development in Kazakhstan

16.10 - 17.00 PM
Business and STEAM: New Opportunities
  • STEAM Potential in Industries - Impact on Regional Competitiveness
  • STEAM and investment in innovation in the manufacturing sector
Our speakers
Leila Aitmukhanova
Social Investment Advisor, Chevron Inc
Over 15 years of experience in social, educational, and cultural international projects.
Zarina Biyumbaeva
Head of "Caravan of Knowledge" LLP
International certified project manager
Yerzhan Shaniev
Senior Researcher at Y. Altynsarin Center for Secondary Education
Author of computer science books for 7-11 grades, Astana kitap publishing house Co-author of computer science curriculum Certified trainer of Cisco Academy
Almas Ordabaev
Program Manager of the "Caravan of Knowledge" project
Deputy Director of RFMS, Almaty
Nurdaulet Dosmagambet
Head of International Programs of the "USTEM Robotics" Foundation
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Gifts from organizers
All conference participants were prepared with valuable gifts with the opportunity to obtain maximum knowledge on the topic of STEAM
Certificate of participation
All conference participants will receive certificates of participation in this event of the coming year and become one of members of the STEM education community in Kazakhstan
Bestseller in the STEM world
The opportunity to be one of the first in Kazakhstan to receive the book Case for Stem Education Challenges and Opportunities by Roger V. Bybi, which became the academic basis for students of STEM education
Applied research
All participants will also receive one of the most fundamental applied research in the field of STEM education in Kazakhstan prepared by domestic scientists and practicing teachers
Live broadcast

This section will host a live broadcast of the online conference for guests who prefer to view the conference on social networks due to a weak Internet connection or in the absence of a link to the webinar room. We ask you to follow all updates on social networks, by checking your email or on the organizer's website.
Live broadcast
Find out more information and ask questions:
For questions related to the event, call the numbers below
Program Manager Almas Ordabaev +7 705 199 33 99
Project coordinator Aigerim Masgutova +7 777 107 90 85
Technical Manager Khassen Jakenov +7 776 107 77 33

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