Caravan of Knowledge
Kazakhstan has launched an interesting, interactive and relevant educational project- "Caravan of knowledge"!The project is dedicated to advancing STEM areas:
  • Science;
  • Technology;
  • Engineering;
  • Math and topical issues of education.
The project is run with the support of " Chevron Munaigas Inc." In Kazakhstan and a team of Kazakhstan professionals in the field of education and digitalisation.

Abbreviation «STEM» was first proposed by the American bacteriologist R.Kolvell in the 1990s, but began to be used actively in 2000-ies. Currently STEM is one of the main trends in global education. Due to the rapid development of technology, new professions, everywhere growing demand for STEM professionals. Also it is predicted that the demand for professionals in the field of STEM will grow in 2025 by 8% in European countries, whereas in other professions- only for 3%.

The active development of STEM-education has started in Kazakhstan. The proof of this is indicated by the transition to the updated content of education in STEM context within the State program of development of education and science in 2019. To implement the new educational policy is planned to include in the curriculum of STEM-elements, designed to develop new technologies, scientific innovation, mathematical modeling.

For example, in the framework of the State program of development of education and science of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019 years and the project till 2025 provides a complete provision of all schools with modern subject rooms of physics, chemistry, biology and STEM. It will be allocated 100 billion tenge for 100% coverage of subject rooms with computers for 50 billion tenge.


If you are interested in STEM or you work in one of these areas, or you want to give the best education to your child, then we invite you to plunge into the interesting world of STEM and it's strategies, pedagogy, inclusion, digitalisation and future professions.

The project is designed to:
- teachers and parents
- reseachers and experts, including more than 20 Kazakhstani and 7 international ones
- young students
- school administrators and district leaders, municipal, provincial departments of education
- public service bodies: the MES; Committee on Science; Kazakhstan President's Office
- business and CSR.

Raimo Salo
School of pedagogical skills improvement University Oulu, Finland
Dinara Sagadatova
Biology teacher, science school OYLA
Arsen Baytukov
Director of Education Institution «IQanat high school of Burabay"
Kamila Rollan
Founder of Inclusive Education Center " Education for all", PhD of Cambridge University
Nurlan Imangaliyev
Academic Director of Professional Training Center "Ustaz"
Sayasat Nurbek
Head of Education Center of BTS Digital Company

"Chevron" Corporation is one of the leading integrated energy companies in the world.The company carries out exploration, production and transportation of oil and gas; refining, marketing and distribution of transportation fuels and lubricants; manufacture and sale of petrochemicals and additives; as well as the development and implementation of technologies to improve efficiency in all areas.

"Chevron" is a leading private oil company in Kazakhstan and owns shares in the two largest fields – Tengiz and Karachaganak. The company also is the largest private shareholder in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, as well as successfully managing the activities of Atyrau polyethylene pipes plant.

The company is known for the fact that in every country where it works, it implements many social initiatives and projects. In Kazakhstan "Chevron" helps schools, hospitals and other social institutions.Over the past two decades, "Chevron" and its subsidiaries "Tengizchevroil" (TCO) and "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV" (KPO) has invested more than $ 500 million US in the development of the social sphere in Kazakhstan. In addition, "Chevron" has initiated and continues to carry out long-term social programs benefit the various regions of the country: education, professional development, to meet the urgent needs of the population, development of small and medium-sized enterprises.In 2020 "Chevron" has implemented the following social projects:

- Supported the contest Science Start of scientific communication for 9-11 grades' pupils and college students of 1-2 courses.

The competition is also supported by the British Council, a popular science magazine and OYLA Science Foundation.

- Supposed the XVI International Zhautykov Olympiad in Almaty on the basis of the Republican Physics and Mathematics School.

- As part of its assistance in combating COVID-19 in Kazakhstan transferred to the Children's Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital (DGKIB) Almaty 2 new ventilator. Project partner- a charity fund "AYALA", with which the company is working within the framework of a long-term project "Embreathe life". (KZ, RUS)

- As part of the project to strengthen the protection of medical personnel in COVID-19 conditions, together with the center of ICAP at Columbia University also delivered 70 000 units of masks, respirators, medical institutions of Almaty. (KZ, RUS)

-to support youth IteachMe project for young people with disabilities. Where you can acquire the skills to claim their innovations and to receive a grant to support their ideas. (KZ, RUS)

-"Chevron" supported the Fund "Eurasia" in Central Asia, which has launched the emergency project "QOLDA".

The project is organized with the aim of minimizing the negative effects of quarantine for people of both capitals, with the involvement of civil society, NGOs, which does volunteering, humanitarian and charitable support to socially vulnerable groups, as well as the media covering materials for better information of the population about the pandemic.

We are confident that the ambitious project " Caravan of Knowledge, promoting advanced education and STEM in Kazakhstan, will take it's rightful place in this list and will be the logical continuation of the education and social initiatives of the company "Chevron" in the future.

"Caravan"- doesn't mean "slow"
Already during June-August 2020.
We invite you to participate in a variety of face to face and on-line activities, namely:
- sessions with leading local and foreign experts
- interviews and serveys
- round tables
- literature reviews
- and others

Main periods

June- July 2020 : Conducting research

June- July 2020 : ONLINE СARAVAN with industry

July- August 2020 : ONLINE СARAVAN with the participation of foreign guests

The final product of the project will be:
- Research(in Kazakh, Russian and English), in the classic version and infographic format

- Strategic proposals for the project stakeholders

Photos from our business conference, which took place in 2016
The project team
Zarina Biumbayeva
Head of the project

Almas Ordabayev
Project program manager

Khasen Jakenov
Technical project manager
Nurlan Imangaliyev
Head of the research group
Ruslan Huzin
Site development manager

Anna Egorkina
Project designer

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