STEP: Leaders in innovative STEAM Education
What is STEP-Jana Talap?
The STEP (Strengthening teacher education program) project is a collaboration between Caravan of Knowledge and SEAMEO (South-East Asia Ministry of Education Organization) in the field of STEM education
At the moment, the academic group includes teachers of general education and specialized schools, such as REPUBLICAN PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL NAMED AFTER O.A.ZHAUTYKOV and NIS, as well as the University named after him. Shokan Ualikhanov in Kokshetau, who are working on the development of a curriculum for an integrated and project-based method of teaching schoolchildren.
In the spring of 2024, applications from teachers who are interested in courses will be selected. Teachers working by the Republic of Kazakhstan's public secondary schools are allowed to apply for the program.
Program stages
Program design
Conducting courses for teachers
Introduction of new practices in pilot schools
Compiling the program's results
  • Skill development
    By taking part in these courses, teachers can enhance their professional competence by developing their scientific, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills.
  • Innovations in learning
    STEAM learning promotes the introduction of innovative and interactive teaching methods, which makes the learning process more effective and attractive for students.
  • Getting Ready for digital technologies
    STEAM learning courses help teachers prepare students to work in a digital environment and develop the skills required in the modern world.
  • Stimulating creative thinking
    The STEAM approach encourages students' creative thinking, and teachers who have been trained can better stimulate and develop this quality in students.
  • Adjusting to changes in the learning environment
    Teachers can better adjust to evolving educational standards and current developments by enrolling in STEAM courses.
  • Expansion of the professional network
    Participation in advanced training courses on STEAM provides teachers with the opportunity to expand their professional network and share experiences with colleagues from different fields.
The project team
  • Daryn Saiynov
    Academic Manager of
    Caravan of Кnowledge.
    Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, as well as a teacher of physics and mathematics at Gymnasium No. 105 named after Oraz Zhandosov. Coach of advanced training courses for physics teachers in Almaty. A permanent member of the jury of the competition of scientific projects and Olympiads in the natural science field. The winner of the professional skills competition "Teacher of the Year – 2021".
  • Nurlan Medetov
    Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
    Nurlan Medetov directs academic activities, the development and implementation of educational programs, and the involvement of students at Ualihanov University. Previously, he worked as Vice-President of the National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarina under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has experience working in two Erasmus+ projects, as well as the holder of a grant from the US Embassy in Kazakhstan "Alumni Small Grants 2019" for the implementation of a social project.
  • Aiganym Kazhibayeva
    Assistant of the Department of Biology
    An Assistant Lecturer in the Biology and TM Department at Ualikhanov University. She completed her Master's Degree in Natural Sciences in 2019 and subsequently joined the university as a lecturer.She has extensive experience in incorporating multilingual education in science, such as CLIL technology. In March 2023, she completed her successful internship in Pedagogical Innovations for Higher Education Instructors at Michigan State University.
  • Yeskendirova Aziza
    Lecturer of the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology at Sh. Ualikhanov University
    Scientific activity is associated with the study of new educational technologies and their implementation in the process of teaching chemical disciplines. She has more than 20 publications in journals, heralds, collections; a regular participant in international scientific and practical conferences; developer of educational and methodological complex of disciplines and textbooks in chemistry ("Inorganic and analytical chemistry", "theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry", "chemical Ecology textbook", "laboratory manual of general chemistry", etc.).
  • Irina Issayeva
    Certified STEAM trainer of Jana Talap program

    Member of the working group on the development of a Roadmap for the development of STEAM education in Kazakhstan (2021), member of the pedagogical committee of the CF "Caravan of Knowledge" since 2022. Director of the Namys Public Foundation since 2011. Previously, he was the director of Arshalyn secondary school No. 2, as well as the head of the education department for the Arshalyn district.
  • Inna Axyonova
    Teacher at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School
    of Physics and Mathematics
    A graduate of the Bolashak program in the Leadership in Education program at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, also a certified STEM coach of "Jana Talap" within the framework of the roadmap for the development of STEAM education in Kazakhstan and a PBL coach (Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic University). Member of the Kazakhstan Association of researchers in the field of education "KERA". The author is the developer of the elective course "STEM class" for secondary school students and a training program for teachers.
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