Caravan of Knowledge
Caravan of Knowledge — educational organization.
We develop STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) in Kazakhstan, train teachers and students in modern methods, knowledge and skills. We conduct trainings, courses, workshops and lectures.
Our values
Cooperation. Learning and teaching others alone are complex and difficult. Create projects — even more so. Therefore, we are looking for, supporting and working with like—minded people - active professionals who are not afraid of changes, new ideas and are ready to share their experience and knowledge with others.

Changes. Any education system is under widespread criticism., and like any system, it is difficult to change it overnight. We agree with the need for change and advocate gradual qualitative changes.

Creative approach. One of the necessary changes in education is creative thinking. Together with the participants of Caravan of Knowledge, we develop creative teaching methods and create innovative projects.
Who benefits from Caravan of Knowledge
Learn modern methods under the guidance of local and foreign experts in the field of education, awareness of educational trends, receive support and be a leader in the professional community of teachers.
Heads of educational institutions
We help to build an effective educational process and management, improve the qualifications and skills of teachers, create a comfortable environment for teachers and students.
Representatives of education departments, other employees of the education sector
Aware of educational trends, conduct joint projects and events.
Students and parents
Decide on the choice of profession, develop the necessary skills and knowledge for successful study and further career.
The Caravan of Knowledge programs are implemented with the support of Chevron.
Our Team
Zarina Biyumbayeva
Khassen Jakenov
Аnna Egorkina
Аlmas Оrdabayev
Viktoriya Li
Аlfiya Mustafina
What is STEAM: 5 facts
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics
The abbreviation STEAM stands for — science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics
There are several variants of the abbreviation. It depends on what areas they focus on: STEAM (A — art or creativity), STREAM (R — robotics), etc.
Interdisciplinary training
Teachers can explain the structure of the universe not only with the help of an astronomy textbook, but also along the way through physical, chemical, biological and mathematical laws and problems.
Project based learning
Students learn the material by creating thematic scientific projects with their own hands, analogues of which exist in the world.

For example, students can make a simple wind turbine by applying Newton's basic laws, create a smart home device, or create a 3D model of human brain neurons while improving their programming skills.
Working with stereotypes
Stereotypes interfere with professional and personal development - "technical subjects are not for girls", "mathematics is not for me", "I am too behind the school curriculum, so I will never be smart", etc.
STEAM methods make the learning process interesting, as they involve students with different levels of knowledge, giving them the opportunity to do something on their own and look at the same topic from different angles.
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